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Primus Metals is a leading provider of high-precision, high-complexity machined components, kits and subassemblies for the aerospace, defense and medical industries.  Primus serves customers in North America, Europe and Asia with diversified machined products, assembly services and engineering services.  We also offer ancillary manufacturing services such as welding, EDM, grinding, plating and testing.  Primus utilizes the latest technologies to machine virtually any type of metal and plastic with the highest levels of precision.  Serving major OEM's across the globe, Primus remains an organically grown and technology oriented business, continually adding new value to our customers by expanding our services every year and maintaining a focused strategy on the applications deemed most critical to our customer base.

Who We Are


A Turn-Key Provider of High-Precision, High-Complexity Machined Components, Kits and Sub-Assemblies to the Aerospace, Space, Defense and Medical Industries.

Our Skills


  • 5-axis Machining
  • Complex Milling
  • Complex Turning
  • Thin Walled Machining
  • Micro-tube Machining & Bending
  • Gear Racks and Gear Pinions
  • Casting & Forging Machining
  • Exotic Material Machining
  • Hard Turning and Milling
  • Inventory Stocking Arrangements
  • Assembly Services
  • Engineering Services



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Lakewood, CO 80215